BLUE SKY TINY HOMES LLC. is a Manufacturing Member of NOAH – the National Organization of Alternative Housing, Inc., and the construction of each one of our Tiny Homes is inspected and certified by



The NOAH Standard incorporates safety, construction & energy efficiency standards currently used by the Recreational Vehicle (in the case of a Tiny House on Wheels) AND Home Building industries:



     -NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

     -NEC – National Electrical Code

     -NHTSA – National Highway & Transportation Safety Association

     -IRC & Tiny House Construction Guidelines



Each NOAH Certified Tiny House meets safety, construction & energy efficiency standards suitable for permanent, full-time residential dwelling.



EACH Tiny House is inspected at FIVE critical stages of construction for compliance to the NOAH Standard.




     -Foundation or Trailer

     -Attachment & Framing

     -All-Trades (Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC)




Each inspection is archived & available for review in the future.


NOAH inspects EACH build, not the builder!



     -A NOAH Certification Seal displayed on the structure or tongue of the trailer provides a    visible symbol & confirmation of THAT Tiny House successfully completing the entire inspection process performed by NOAH inspectors.


     -NOAH Certification Seals are numbered & unique to each individual Tiny House.















NOAH Certification provides confidence and peace of mind for consumers and levels the playing field for builders, lenders, insurers and municipalities.

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